Welcome to Boplats Växjö!

Boplats Växjö is the municipal housing agency for those looking for housing in the Växjö area. Boplats Växjö has two different housing queues; one for apartments (which we call the housing queue) and one for student apartments (the student housing queue). The housing queue costs 100 SEK per year from the year you turn 20. You can register from the year you turn 17. The student housing queue is free of charge.

*Identification and signing with BankID is done via Momentum Signering.


Postponed launch of the e-service for queueing fee payments

The e-service for queuing fee payments in the housing queue will be activated later in the month of April. If you are activated in the housing queue information will be sent to you when it is time for you to pay.

If you have an unpaid invoice or an invoice reminder, we encourage you to pay via bank transfer until the e-service has been activated.


New look for Boplats Växjö and My pages

Boplats Växjö has a new look and we are currently working on adding more features to the site. Do you have feedback on the website? Please contact us by e-mail at boplats@vaxjo.se.

Logging in to the new "My pages" for the first time

On "My pages" (Mina sidor) External link. you can see your current number of queue points, view and edit your subscription settings and see your housing queue fee amount. Here's how to log in to "My pages" for the first time:

  • Log in to "My pages" External link. with BankID if you have a Swedish personal identity number (YYYYMMDD-NNNN).
  • If you do not have a BankID/Swedish personal identity number, please contact us via e-mail at boplats@vaxjo.se and we will send you an activation link. If you do not have access to an e-mail account, you are welcome to contact us via telephone at 0470-73 47 00 or visit us at Norra Järnvägsgatan 7 in Växjö.
  • If you are administering someone else's account, we kindly ask that you contact us using one of the methods in the point above.

Please note that you cannot reuse the same login details from the old "My pages" when logging into the new "My pages".

Receiving notifications about apartments and neighborhoods that match your preferences

If you had set up subscriptions in the old "My pages" for listings that match your preferences, you will need to set them up again in the new system. You do this by logging in to "My pages" External link., going to "My applications" and then "Subscriptions". When an apartment that matches your preferences becomes available, you will receive a notificaiton via e-mail.

How it works

Step 1

Start by registering at Boplats Växjö External link..

Step 2

Take a look at the available apartments External link. and submit applications to the ones you are interested in.

Step 3

If you are one of the top six applicants with the most queue points for an apartment, you will be invited to a viewing. The apartment will be offered to the person with the most queue points.

Step 4

If you accept an offer for an apartment, the next step is to sign a lease.

Step 5

Move in to your new place!


Boplats Växjö contact


0470 - 73 47 00



Visiting address

Växjö municipality contact center
Norra Järnvägsgatan 7, Växjö

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
07.30 - 16.30