How senior housing works

Senior housing is offered primarily to people who are 70 or older. If there is insufficient demand in this age group, we will continue offering this housing to people in descending order of age. Therefore, it is possible to search for senior housing starting the year you turn 55.

Senior housing is housing with good accessibility and standards adapted for older people. For example, there may be a lift, a more spacious bathroom, wide doors, and low or absent thresholds. The flats are often located close to services and health centres. There is no staff in the senior residences. If you need in-home services or other municipal service, you can apply for it via Växjö Municipality.

To see open flats adjusted for senior residents, and to register your interest, click on “Search housing” and then choose Senior Market or Senior Direct. Using search filters, you can also search for senior housing by housing type.

Starting the year you turn 20, it costs SEK 100 per year to remain on the housing queue. To create an account, go to the start page and then click on “Create account”. After you have paid your fee, you can search for housing with the municipal housing company Vidingehem.

Senior housing otherwise works like the family housing queue.

We recommend that you log in once every six months to check and ensure that your information is still valid, and so that you can be notified of important information. After your registration, you will receive a verification e-mail. It is important that you follow the instructions in this e-mail so that we can send you invoices and other information.

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