How your personal data is processed by Växjö Kommunföretag AB with regard to Boplats Växjö

In order to make flats available according to your place in the housing queue, send you offers, and maintain an updated client register, we need to process and store your personal data. These consist mainly of your name, national registration number and contact information. However, we never process more personal data than what is necessary for our activities. We obtain the personal data we process from what you have submitted. If you do not wish to submit the personal data we need for our activities, the consequences may include.

We always apply the personal data protection laws in effect when we process your personal data. The legal basis for our processing of your data is contractual. Your personal data will be stored as long as you are registered in the queue, and for a maximum of two years afterward, as long as the Municipality may be obligated to store them, by law or municipal ordinances and regulations. The data we process may be shared with those housing companies that are associated with Boplats Växjö, whenever you have declared your interest in a flat, and have been invited to a showing or similar activity. We may also share your personal data with others, provided we are obligated to do so by law.

You are entitled to information as to when and how your personal data will be processed. In certain cases, you are also entitled to have your information corrected, deleted or restricted. In addition, you are entitled to request information as to which personal data concerning you we process. This will be provided in the form of what we call a register abstract.

The data controller for the processing of your data is Växjö Kommunföretag AB. In order to exercise your rights, such as requesting a register abstract, you may contact Växjö Kommunföretag AB by calling 0470-73 47 00 or sending an email to boplats@vaxjö.se.

Växjö Municipality also has a data protection officer whom you can contact by calling 0470-410 00 or by sending an email to

If you are dissatisfied with the way we handle your personal data, you may file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Agency. You can find contact information on the website of the Data Protection Agency,

The Data Protection agency can also provide you with additional information about the EU General  Data Protection Regulation and your rights, for example.