How the family housing queue works

You can register as a customer with Boplats Växjö starting the year you turn 17. To create an account, go to the start page and then click on “Create account”. It costs SEK 100 per year to remain on the family housing queue, and a fee is charged starting the year when you turn 20. You will receive one queue point for each day you are in the queue. After you have paid your fee, you can search for housing at the housing company Vidingehem. We recommend that you log in once every six months to check and ensure that your information is still valid, and so that you can be notified of important information. After your registration, you will receive a verification e-mail. It is important that you follow the instructions in this e-mail so that we can send you invoices and other important information.

Read more about our user terms here.


You can choose which flats and residential zones you are interested in by specifying your preferences in “My Profiles”, under the “My Pages” tab. When a flat that is in keeping with your preferences becomes available, you will receive a suggestion e-mail. If you did not provide an e-mail address, you must log in on My Pages in order to see your offers.

My Pages

Here, you can edit your profile and see suggestions for flats that are in keeping with your preferences. You can also register your interest in properties, view earlier registrations of interest, and answer “yes” or “no” to the offers you receive.

Registering your interest

You can make five simultaneous registrations of interest and you must be 18 years old.  To register your interest, log in with My Pages and select the flat in question. Click on “Register my interest” and fill out your information.

Other rules apply in the case of new buildings and student housing. Read more about new buildings below, and about the student housing queue in the menu to the left.


The six applicants with the most queue points can go to visit the desired location, and will, in an order based on most to least points, will be offered the flat.  If you say “yes” to a flat, and sign a rental contract, your queue time will be zeroed, and a new queue time will begin for you.


Here, open flats are presented and distributed according to queue points. To see available flats, click on “Search housing” and then choose “Marketplace”. The flats remain posted for 8 days. If you are offered a flat, and sign for it, you will automatically be reactivated in the family housing queue.

Marketplace Direct

Flats that are available for fast move-in are presented here. To see available flats, click on “Search housing” and then choose “Marketplace Direct”. In this queue, the first five people to register their interest are offered a visit to the desired housing. No queue points are required, and you will not lose your points if you say “yes”. If more than one person says “yes”, then the flat will be offered to the person who first registered his/her interest.

New buildings

Newly finished flats are displayed in “New Building Market” and “New Buildings Direct”. To view open flats, click on “Search housing”. Then choose “New Building Market” or “New Buildings Direct”.  You can register your interest five times. If you agree to an apartment via "New Building Market" and sign a rental contract, you use as many queue points as required. That is, you loose the same amount of queue points which the applicant after you have in the queue, however you keep your queue time if you get an apartment via New Buildings Direct.

Parking space

To rent a parking space, click the “Activate” button in “My Profile” on the “My Pages” tab. The button will become visible once you have an active rental agreement. The customer with the most queue points will be offered an open parking space. The waiting period for the parking space queue only applies to the residential zone that you live in. If you move to another residential zone, your queue points will be zeroed, and you must reactivate yourself in the parking space queue.

Corporate customers

In order to make recruitment easier, a company may rent flats that, over a limited time period, are rented out secondhand to new employees. You can register your company in the queue yourself, using your Business ID to register. You can have five places in the queue. If you wish to register your company for more than one queue spot, you are welcome to contact Boplats Växjö.


No priority is given in the housing queue. The housing companies issue Växjö Municipality a certain quota of flats that can be given to residents with specific accessibility- or socioeconomic needs.

We welcome your questions!

If you have questions about the municipal housing queue, there is a contact centre that can be reached by telephone or e-mail, or visited in person. You can find contact information at the bottom of this page.

If you are searching for housing and have questions about a specific flat, please contact the housing company Vidingehem which provides the apartment.