How Boplats works

The housing queue, and how to register

Boplats Växjö is the municipal housing queue for those seeking housing in Växjö Municipality. Queue points are collected starting on the first day when you register. You can register starting in the year that you turn 17. To be able to search for housing in the family housing queue, you must pay a fee of SEK 100 annually. You will pay this fee starting the year that you turn 20. When the fee has been paid, you can search for housing with the municipal housing company Vidingehem. The student housing queue does not have a fee. More information about the different queues, terms and conditions can be found in the menu to the left.

Suggestions for housing

If you have selected e-mail as your means of contact, you will receive e-mails with suggestions based on your preferences.  If you have chosen post as your means of contact, you must log in to view the suggestions for open housing. Your suggestions will be shown under My Pages when you are logged in.

Flat applications and blocks

If you have registered your interest in a flat, a final date will be presented by which you must answer “yes” or “no”. The offer of the flat will stand for at least seven days. It is important that you send a notification within this time period.

Applicants who say “no” to five offers during a six-month period will be blocked. The same applies when a person fails to give an answer in three separate cases. This block will last for half a year, and will prevent you from searching for housing. You will continue to collect queue points during the time you are blocked.

Keep your contact information up to date

We recommend that you log in once every six months to check and ensure that your contact information is still valid, so that we can send you invoices and other important information.