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Boplats Växjö is the municipal housing queue for you who are looking for housing in Växjö municipality. 

Boplats Växjö handles two different housing queues; family housing queue (apartments) and student housing queue (student apartments). The family housing queue is subject to a fee from the year the applicant turns 20, it costs SEK 100 / year. The student housing queue is completely free of charge. You can register from the year you turn 17.

How Boplats works

The rental of 52 apartments in the Bärnstenen neighborhood is now starting

Now you have the chance to move into one of the 52 newly built apartments in the Bärnstenen block at Nydalavägen 66 in Araby. Here, modern comforts are mixed with scenic surroundings and warm community in a central location.

At Bärnstenen, you live next door to the meeting place Tallgården and leafy Arabyparken. After a couple of minutes' walk you are at the shops in the newly built Dalbo center and after another couple of minutes you are in central Växjö, with the city's full range of services, trade and entertainment.

The apartments are equipped with oak parquet floors that give a soft and warm feeling underfoot and the beautiful stone panels in the windows add a living feeling to the room. Enjoy the warming rays of the morning sun on the glazed balcony or patio or watch the sunset over the city skyline in the evening.

The 52 apartments are distributed as follows (nb of rooms + kitchen):

  • Five rooms: 2 apartments
  • Four rooms: 9 apartments
  • Three rooms: 8 apartments
  • Two rooms: 17 apartments
  • One rooms: 9 apartments
  • One and a half room: 7 apartments

Floor plans, an overview of the area and the location of the apartments are presented athttps://barnstenen.vidingehem.se

Register your interest today!

Welcome to apartment viewing!

Now you have the opportunity to take a look inside one of our newly built apartments. 

  • Tuseday 26 september
    at 16.00-17.00
  • Sunday 12 november
    at 14.00-15.00

See you at Nydalavägen 66! Read more at: www.vidingehem.se/visningar.

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