Are you beginning your studies this fall?

To be able to apply for a student accommodation, you must be accepted at Linnaeus University or the University of Applied Sciences.

When you are admitted to Linnaeus University and already registered in the student housing queue at Boplats Växjö will automatically have your lock released, which means you can apply for student housing. In connection with the admission on July 9 and July 30, respectively, the lock will automatically be lifted a few days after you received your admission notice and you should not upload your it at Boplats. This applies to those who are admitted to full-time studies - not distance studies.

If you have been admitted to studies at the School of Applied Sciences, the Police academy or are an international student, you must upload your letter of acceptance yourself in order to start applying for housing. To do this, log in to your profile and click on add files.

Remember that you can register in the student housing queue before you know that you have been admitted to Linnaeus University.

Östra Lugnet lives up to its name

The popular area of Östra lugnet has an explicit location, with the Evedals´ridge nature reserve nearby and the commercial area of Norremark in near distance. You also reach Växjö city with bike, bus or car within a short distance.

The area is surrounded by Växjö’s most beautiful landmarks, such as Evedal, Hissö and the castle ruins of Kronoberg. This means that you have swimming, socializing, recreation and outdoor activities at your reach.

Vidingehem is now building 72 new apartments in the area. Are you interested? Welcome to register here.

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Latest available student housings

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