Changes of terms and conditions for Boplats Växjö housing queue, in January 2020

Växjö municipality want to make it easier for those who wishes to live in the municipality of Växjö to find a home. This is being accomplished through some changes made in the housing queue, Boplats Växjö. The new terms start at January 1st, 2020.

The new terms include the following:

  • Your queue priority points will no longer revert to zero if you accept an apartment. Instead, you will only lose as many queue points as the applicant in the second queue place has.
  • To retain your place in the student housing queue you must agree to an offer within five years

In order to use Boplats Växjö, you will need to log in to My pages ("Mina sidor") on this site and agree the new terms. You can agree to these terms from autumn 2019.

Have you been admitted as a student to Linnaeus University?

VOnce you have been admitted as a student the suspension on your student housing application will automatically be removed from Boplats Växjö and you will be able to apply to student accommodations. You do not need to send us your University admission.

However, if you have been accepted into the Policy Academy, study as an international student or if you registered your Boplats membership after the 11th of July, you will need to upload your letter of acceptance to your profile to be able to apply for apartments. 

Welcome to Växjö!

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