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Are you going to study at Linnaeus University and is in need of housing?
When you need a place to live it is important to widen your search. Here at Boplats Växjö you can apply for student housing. The sooner you sign up the bigger the chance of getting an apartment, since you gain one queue point each day. The student housing queue is free of charge. Here you can read more about the rules that apply to student housing.

I'm admitted to Linnaeus University but I’m blocked, what should I do?
Once you have been admitted to Linnaeus University starting autumn semester 2018, you who are registered at Boplats Växjö will be unblocked automatically. The block will be removed the 13th of July and the 3rd of August (for the reserve admission). If you are admitted to the Police Education, have a different term start date or are an international student, you need to upload your acceptance letter by clicking “Add Files” while logged in to Boplats.

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