Frequently asked questions

What is required for being able to apply for a student housing?
To be able to apply for student housing you need to be accepted into Linnaeus University. Once accepted you who are registered in the student queue will automatically be unblocked, meaning you can apply for student housing.However, if you are accepted into Police Academy or you are an international student please upload your acceptance letter when you log in to Boplats. Click on Add files below Certificate.This applies to you who are accepted into full time studies – not long distance studies.Do note that you can register in the student housing queue before you are accepted into the university.

Does the student queue cost anything?
The student queue is free. Furthermore, when registering on Boplats as a student you are automatically registered in the family housing queue one year for free. If you do not wish to remain you can ignore the invoice. Hence, you will be removed from the family queue.

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