Advice for finding housing

Do you feel that it’s taking too long to find housing through Boplats Växjö or with a private landlord? We’ve listed our best advice below for finding housing faster, through Boplats Växjö, private landlords and others. 

Our advices for finding housing faster

Be active and visit Boplats Växjö often

We advertise new housing continuously. On the homepage of our website, you can always find the most recently advertised apartments. Check the list of available housing often in order to keep up to date about new apartments you can apply for.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new

Växjö is a city that’s growing and developing all the time. New neighbourhoods are being expanded at the same rate as older ones change. We know that many residents only seek housing in the areas they know and like. Our advice is to search for housing in other areas, such as new neighbourhoods and adjacent municipalities.

Newly-built housing

Looking for newly-built housing is often a faster path to an apartment. It is common that many newly-built apartments are made available at the same time. In order to get the best updating, refine your search to focus on newly-built housing in the list of available accommodations.   

Private landlords

You may also find housing with private landlords. Boplats Sweden is an online marketplace where home seekers can look for vacant rental units, Boplats Sverige.

Advertise and use your networks

Many people find a solution to their housing situation by reading advertisements in local newspapers or by placing ads themselves in newspapers or via social media. We therefore want to encourage you to tell as many people as you can that you are looking for housing by spreading the message via social media or through other networks where you have contact with friends, relatives and acquaintances.