Where can I find my queue points?
Log in on My Pages at Boplats Växjö. Under My Profiles, you can view the different queues (Housing, Student Housing and Parking Space) and how many points you have in each queue. The points are placed under the heading “Queue points”.

Am I blocked in the housing queue?
Applicants who say “no” to five offers during a six-month period will be blocked. The same applies when a person fails to give an answer in three separate cases. This block will last for half a year, and will prevent you from searching for housing. You will continue to collect queue points during the time you are blocked. If you log in to My pages, it says “You have 5 no answer(s) 3 none answer(s) left, before block occurs.” However this does not mean you are blocked! It means you can leave a “no” answer 4 more times before you get blocked. The block occurs at the fifth “no” answer. It also means you can skip leaving an answer 2 times before a block. The block occurs the third skip.

248 new student apartments on Campus!
Växjöbostäder now offers 240 studios with a pantry and 8 one bedroom apartments in the neighborhood Docenten on Campus. Occupancy from 1st of August 2018.
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